About Us

About Us

Executive Summay

The Academy seeks to provide children and young people—many of whom would never have access to musical education—with the chance to learn music as part of a structured curriculum, alongside other kids, and under the direction of dedicated and inspirational artists.

Our goal is to provide a stunning, motivating space where kids from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds may gather and play music with teachers, either individually or in groups. It is a location where students can go after school, on weekends, and during breaks to take lessons, participate in workshops, use practice spaces, and play together in a variety of bands and ensembles.

2020 Year Of Establishment

The academy was started in sunnyside, which eventually expanded to other places

2021 First Official Branch Opening

The academy eventually grew bigger and migrated from sunnyside to PTA CBD

2022 2nd Branch Opening

2022 was the year which the academy expanded into a second branch, which is located in Soshanguve

The Team

Our Experts

Mission And Vision

The Mapentane Music Academy envisions a world in which linguistic, cultural, political, social, and economic divides are broken down by the unifying power of music.

We think that World Heart Beat will significantly advance these goals through this vision.

We believe that, through this vision, World Heart Beat will contribute enormously to...

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